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Full-service vs. niche: Brands split on which agency route to go

Here is another insightful article to reflect and digest for any organisation aspiring to be a successful digital agency:

  • "Our clients are asking us to demonstrate leadership in the area of mobility – as in, what happens when consumers are moving about their day – and they're requiring us to run across their offline, below the line, online and social efforts," she said. "You can imagine how different that skill is compared to being asked to build an app."

Other noteworthy highlights:

  • According to Ms. Kim, as brands continue to pour money into mobile, they also expect more across the strategy, media, creative, development and analytic implementations of their initiatives from these agencies.
  • For instance, brands are now interested in using mobile to influence the point-of-purchase moment and want to tap into the consumer behaviors and needs around them.
  • "To view social, content or mobile marketing in isolation simply cannot deliver business solutions with staying power," Mr. Jacobs said.
  • "Often mobile teams at brands are small and they need an agency with a large dedicated team to help them keep on top of what is happening in mobile,” he said.
  • "Not many agencies – especially non-specialists – are set up to manage all the complexity. It takes dedicated teams and specialist technology to make sense of it all. This is tricky to implement in traditional agency structures due to already eroding margin pressures."

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